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Sup homies. Just putting in some work in the office. So Last night we were sharing a lesson with some members. One of the cool Returned missionaries was there. Stefan, the guy we helped set up for his Birthday party. So I shared something I learned from Elder Ellis in our leadership. Ill write what I learned after I share some other stuff. 

So after we shared the lesson with the Josephs. Stefan, the returned missionary, asked me in private if I want to study something that could help me. I said heck yeah. Oh, by the way, I was talking to him about the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon. If we would ever get it in this life. This came up because we shared the talk from this past gerneral conference 'For our spiritual growth and well being' something like that. It talked about when they were kids, they had the model golden plates. So, back to the main story, Stefan said that there is a portion of the hidden plates in The Book of Mormon. So I was like, WHERE?!!?! So he told me to go study this question. 
The question is, Why is the Book of Mormon a Testament of Jesus Christ? Why are the scriptures called a Testament of Jesus Christ? So he gave me those questions and said to study the first 4 books in the New Testament. So, im already in Matthew Chapter 9 haha.But he said that once he found out why, it solidified his testimony, and led to finding the Hidden plates. And connected a bigger picture. So thats what im currently working on.

So how that story ties into my next story is cool. So today we went to a food market with a cool member. He bought us burritos. Anyways, I was wondering what to share with them as I studied in the morning. And I looked at the light the world initiative that the church sent out. December 3rd, was helping the blind. One of the ideas was read about Jesus Christ healing the Blind. That was what I studied this morning So I was like perfect! While I read the scripture. I noticed throughout the chapter, after every time Jesus heals somebody, his fame is spread throughout the land by the people he healed. The same idea applies to this challenge. As we do these little acts of service and other things over the next 25 days. The Church's fame will be spread by those that are helped by the Members who took the initiative. Pretty cool thought I had. 

Lastly, this is what Elder Ellis shared in our leadership meeting. 
We read Mosiah 22,23,24. He thinks they are the most important chapters in the Book of Mormon. Here's why. Firstly We learn that the Lord chastises us and trys our faith and patience. Then He tells us why after Alma and his people are freed from Amulon's rule and the Lamanite oppression. The Lord chastens us so that we can stand as witnesses, that the Lord visits his people in their afflictions. Basically the Lord gave them the hard things to endure, so that after, they could stand with an unshaken testimony that God is there. It wasn't a perfect knowledge because they did not see God Physically. But he gave them an experience they could never deny. Heavenly Father blessed them that their burdens would be light, They baasically were asking their taskmasters to give them more tasks, and they knew God was with them. Pretty cool stuff. 
Also, Alma leaving king Noah, taking the people becoming high priest and then if you look at Alma's lineage. Alma the Younger, Helaman, Helaman, Nephi Nephi. ( I think thats how it goes)
They were all High Preists, or Prophets. THe last one of the lineage actually welcomed Jesus Christ to the America's. So that was cool. 
Yeah Just wanted to let you guys know what I learned this week and working on spiritually.
Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope your reading your scriptures!๐Ÿ“š
Love Elder Flanagan


Sup dudes. This week was slow, as usual. 

Monday: we had a nice FHE at a family in our ward. They had their children and Grandchildren along with their neighbors and we tried having a lesson to the kids about lying. Those kids did not want to sit still very much, but atleast the adults were taught to not lie and to be honest haha. 

Tuesday: We went to the Welfare home and they had a little Christmas Program where they sang some carols and dressed up in costumes. We then setup a nice little braii outside. It was kinda hard to do, becasue we were jsut trying to pass out juiceboxes and food and about half of them cant control their arms so they need us to basically feed them. Elder Clark was also with us for the day so he got to enjoy the fun of the welfare center.

Wednesday: We had a nice lesson with one of the members. He is a very converted guy, he has a funny laugh that complements my companions giggling quite well. :)  He lives alone, he was divorced some time ago, but he travels a lot for work, so he doesn't get too lonely which is good. He is a super nice guy, we shared Helaman 5:12 with him. He shared with us his conversion story about how he heard about the Book of Mormon and was traveling from chapel to chapel to find one and eventually he found people and then missionaries taught him and he was Baptized just a few months later. He seems to be pretty rooted in the Gospel. 

Thursday: I was supposed to get interviewed by President Chadambuka, so we sat around for like 4 hours, but he was busy with other elders. Then we went to our Thanksgiving dinner with the American Families. It was super good! Everything was just like Thanksgiving, still was not the same without my actual family, but I guess that was as close as I could get! We ate so much food and dessert. 

Friday: We had Zone meeting, it was the usual. We have mission tour next week with Elder Ellis of the Area Presidency. So that should be cool. 

Sunday: We had a good day at church, they presented the Light the World Theme for this december. 28 billboard ads like on highways are advertising the Theme, just in the Gauteng province. Im sure we will be getting a lot more referrals. We helped the primary fill their water jug for their party after they had their well performed primary program. They gave us cake and a hotdog ๐Ÿ˜. Then we went to dessert at the Senior missionaries home, as soon as we sit down I have to go pickup my district from their area because they don't have a car. So we took dessert on the go! Then I had to do call ins and then I could finally go to sleep. 


Yeah, I did have a good Thanksgiving. There was good food and we had a great day with about 4 American families. But its just not the same when its not your family.
I missed you guys for Thanksgiving! I love you all! Don't have too much fun without me! Tell Jacob to email me! 

-Elder FLanagan


Hello beautiful people. This is Elder Flanagan reporting for duty once again.
So this week was rough again, hopefully soon it will pick up. We had roughly 4 lessons with members. We did go to the Welfare home again and we helped them practice for this Christmas Program thing. They sang some songs, very out of tune but its the spirit that counts. Tomorrow we are going back and we are going to Braii for them. Or in American terms we are going to BBQ for them haha.It should be fun, these people don't really get any visitors, a lot have been dumped there because nobody is available to take care of them. So even though they get their slobber on me, half the time I can't even understand them, It still feels good to be able to make them feel happy. I've never seen someone so happy because they were able to make a card for their friend.
We had service at our New Stake President's house. He was patriarch and now he is stake president haha. When your a super good guy, you get tough callings I guess. hey had a little cabin out back, basically a shed. and they wanted us to organize it so they can find stuff and clean it up a little. It had spider webs everywhere, spiders everywhere. If you touched anything your hand was guaranteed to have at least spiderwebs and if you were lucky, you would have a nice little spiders corpse attached to you as your flail your arms trying to get it off of you haha. The bishops little boy, who is their grandson was taking out all the light blankets for us. It was nice because we knew that's where all the spiders that are living are in..... The little boy didn't mind. Ignorance is bliss I guess. We got a nice lunch of buttered bread, cold beans, and some lunch meat, and beet root .
Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you guys. Its like super common to just eat cold beans, they don't believe in heating up their can of beans for some reason. Ive never had them warm! 
So, most of my money has gone to coke. Probably why i'm getting fat. I blame it on not having a gym to go to, but that's just me. I like to try new things, who knows, something new could become your favorite thing. Like Pineapple yogurt! 
I'm thinking of buying a blender, that way I can make smoothies in the morning. I think It would help me spend my money wiser. But, ill have to research into how much blenders are. Oh yeah, can you include flaming hot Cheetos (NO LIME PLEASE) in my package. They sound super good. 
Being a District leader is going good so far. I have the assistants and the other sunny side elders in my district. So I don't have to worry about them at all. they do what they should! Doing call-ins, which is where I call my district and talk about what they are doing, their investigators, less actives and such takes like 1-2 hours, and i have to report to my Zone leaders which also takes a long time. 
But its OK, District meeting went well for my first time conducting one. The lessons was from this past general conference. The talk about each one of us being a piece of a big puzzle.
Thats really all that is new! I love and miss you all!  
-Elder Flanagan


So this week we have been putting in a lot of time into the office. President and the the Senior Missionaries just keep piling assignments on us. But its going good. Eating some lemon bread with icing on top, Sister H made some. and drinking some coke :). Oh yeah, so transfer news came in last night. My companion and I are staying in Pretoria East, But i'm now District Leader of the Sunnyside District. So now I have more responsibility..... Im sure I can handle it though. Love you guys! Stay sweet. 
Love Elder Flanagan

Somehow the Speedhump in the Complex got destroyed..... its days of Tyranny are over.

I won the Election. Elder Banda being funny hahaha.

Damage after the storm.

Stake Conference

Thursday, November 10, 2016


Can i believe it has almost been a year? Yes and no. It feels like its been like 10 years since I left and at the same time it feels like yesterday. Once I hit a year time is going to fly. So transfers are this Friday. We find out if we leave either Tuesday or Wednesday night.  Tell Dad's Cousins "Whatsup!"  Yeah South Africa is beatiful if you know where to look. Its hot though!  This week we are just going to try and see all our investigators. We saw one investigator on Friday.  We taught the Whole of the Restoration. It went well. Michael fasted about our message the week before. I was like Woah! This guy is a super star. An investigator fasting about a message is rare for me. Michael is a cool guy! I will miss him if I leave this week. We couldn't see our other investigator, our schedules are conflicting. Its hard, he only allows us to come Thursdays and if he cancels, which is most of the time. We cant see him till next week. We have seen him 2 times in like 2 months. We have a few less actives we are going to try and see this week. On Tuesday we went to our usual 2 hours of service at the welfare place.On Saturday we helped out a family to set up for their sons birthday party. We cleaned their back yard and set up party decorations in return for authentic Indian food. It was a good party, different than most parties. It was mainly people giving speeches, then a toast and then good food! We got to know a lot of the members better and get to know some of their family from Durban. Apparently Durban is the second largest Indian population, the first is India. So they have the funny Indian accents. It was a good time, planted a couple of seeds. Thats pretty much what is new this week. 
Love you guys! Talk to you next week
 -Elder Flanagan



๐Ÿ‘ปHello and welcome to the TWILIGHT (Pretoria)ZONE. Just in case you dont get that. Im in Pretoria Zone. I loved the package. I ate most of the beef jerky because last night I ran out of food. The sour strip candy was gone the second day I had it. I did ration it, if I had it my way I would have eaten it the first night, Im learning self control hahaha. The pants almost fit, I can button them but it is super tight. Im gonna have to lose some weight. I have thought about having salad for lunch everyday. So I bought some lettuce and spinach. Still have not eaten it because thats all i have hahaha. Send me some salad recipes please. It might motivate me. I bet the Trunk or Treat was fun. I love Chelsey's costume! Isaac's was too scary for me though. Our ward activity was good. Elder Tolman and I were the judges for the trunks and costumes. We did get some candy too. I forgot to pass out pencils because I was judging........Dont worry Ill give them out to kids throughout my mission.Grandma told me about the funeral. Its sad.  We have heard rumors of Bro. Christopherson. He is comig to Botswana, and Centurion in Johannesburg. We cannot go. There is a rumor that he will visit our stake for a stake conference 2 Sundays from now. Its a maybe. So hopefully! Yeah there is a lot of poverty in the townships. It does make us appreciate everything more. Especially Air conditioning! It is like 100 degrees here and all we have are fans. Its so hard to fall asleep. We are still working in the office. My ankle is alright, in the inside it aches when I do stuff. That is crazy that Mccombs is going on his mission! The old priest quorum are all on missions pretty much. Yeah I cant wait to facetime or skype home!   So this week we had a solid 9 hours of service. We helped paint window frames, cleaned the chapel and helped a sister move. So that was good to be able to help out a lot this week. We taught one of our investigators the Godhead this week. He was the new investigator at church on Sunday. He did not come this week though :(. And we also taught another investigator the Restoration on Thursday. They seemed to really enjoy the lessons. We will see them again this week. Church was good. We had really good talks in Sacrament. and a Song performed by the Bishopric.After Sacrament Bishop informs us that we are supposed to take 30 minutes in the last hour of church. So we presented the 21 day promise given by one of the apostles. Basically for 21 days people pray and study every morning and also include a fast. And one of the people they put on their list  is promised that they will let the missionaries have a lesson with them. So combined with My companion and the ward mission leader, we filled in the time haha. I think it will help the ward. Tolman says thanks for that little thingy. (I think he means the oil and the funny pictures). I love you guys! Have a great week. Save me some candy. We are going paint balling today. Ill let you know how that goes. Live long and prosper!
Love Elder Flanagan

My candy collected from the Trunk or Treat.

not my bike I just took a picture with it in the office. haha