Thursday, January 14, 2016

The first week

Dear Family and friends,
Things have been great here. I'm very busy with teaching and classes all day. I have already filled a notebook halfway up with notes.The spirit is very strong here and i'm with a great group of Elders. My companion and I get along very well. We both played football and wrestled.He is very funny and a lot of people say we are the best companionship because we are so alike. I think the best part of being here has been the South African missionaries that are going to our mission. They are the funniest guys i've ever met They both played soccer for their national team to pay for their mission . They're so good at soccer, they might play for the pro team in the world cup. The food here is pretty good at the MTC and not very different from home. We went to the Joberg Temple this week and it was amazing. 5 Elders took out their endowments and everyone was balling and hugging each other in the Celestial room. We all think of each other as brothers. On my way to the MTC, I was very homesick after reading your letters, especially Dad's, I was balling like a baby in the Airport. I almost booked a flight back home after sleeping in a chair for 12 hours in Atlanta. But i'm glad I didn't, because this is where i'm supposed to be and there are people here that need to hear the Gospel from me. I miss you guys a lot, but the busy schedule helps me not think of home all the time. I hope everyone's doing great. Has Jacob admitted he misses me yet?  Haha. Love you guys.

The Johannesburg Temple

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