Monday, January 25, 2016

 This week I left the MTC and we rode a taxi to Pretoria. There is where we met President and Sister Wilson. We filled out paperwork and had lunch. Then they handed me the keys to a Hyundai i20 small car and said your driving for 2 hours to Witbank or Emalahleni, the area where I am now serving. Witbank is no longer a ward or branch, we are a church unit because we are so small, we had only about 40 people attend sacrament. My companion is from   Zimbabwe, and I had to give talks our first week in church. Then he threw me under the bus and I taught Gospel doctrine's class with no preparation. But, the spirit was there and I barely did any teaching, the whole time it was everyone conversing and doing the teaching for me so that was very cool. Driving here is weird, you sit on the right side of the car and you drive on the left hand side. I have only nearly killed us a couple of times, haha but im getting the hang of it now. My companion and I cook alot of healthy food and we have to drink out of a filtration system because the water here is not very clean. The people here are very nice except the white Afrikaans people. The African people are so selfless and caring, we taught a family on Sunday and they bought us a 2-liter of sprite for my companion and I. We have taught people who live in pretty much shacks, but they're very humble and are grateful for what they have. We have a couple investigators that we have been meeting with. One of the funniest people I've met is a sister a sister in the ward. She is about 65 and she is suuuuuuper nice, we went over for dinner and played a card game called BS. I'll have to teach you the game when I get home. My companion got me addicted to Oros. Which is pretty much the African version of tang. But it is so much better! We live in a Flat, which in America is called an apartment. It is pretty nice. Let me know how everyone's doing at home. I love you guys!
ElderFlanagan 😇

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