Monday, February 1, 2016

It is good to hear that everyone is doing good! Just buy a big tree and plant it in the front yard haha. Sounds like everyone is keeping busy that is good! 
    Yesterday at church we had 61 members, I think it is a record so far, at least for as long as I have been here. Some of the people at church drive 30 kilos just to attend. It is really humbling to see their desire to grow in their faith. Having such a large area also means that if they are in the townships that we are in charge of or they are far away, it is hard to get them to come to church. Things are going good otherwise. We are mainly working on less actives and members. It is hard to tract here because every single house has a giant wall, barbwire and spikes on top and an electric fence on top. 
   Crime is very common here, but we have not been robbed yet, haha. I have gotten very good at cooking balanced meals, believe it or not I eat veggies every meal that we can. Yesterday, we ran out of food because we are broke so I made Chicken and plain macaroni haha. Later, we met with a sister who's husband is not a member. They love our company and are always feeding us. They are very nice. Her husband is well read in the Bible and agrees with everything we teach, he just needs to take those steps to come to church and accept baptism and he will be a very strong member in our branch. He even knows the way we baptize is the only way to be baptized, he just hasn't said yes yet. In time I know he will say yes. 
   I have yet to eat anything weird yet, the only thing that is different is pop, which is just maize. '. Love you guys, keep me updated on the intersting stories you come across.
 Love, -Elder Flanagan

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