Monday, February 29, 2016

Learning Zulu and Afrikaan.... A day in the life of Sin City AKA Elder Flanagan ;) 2/29/2016

Sabona, Lingani? haha that is Zulu for Hello, how are you. My companion is slowly teaching me Zulu and I might start learning Afrikaans. All the members are always teaching me things, they enjoy it haha. I'm sure that the open house for the temple was a very neat experience. Sadly, I wont be able to attend the Temple for 2 short years. Happy Birthday to Chelsey!!! It is crazy how fast the time is flying by, soon her and Issac will be driving cars and burning holes in Dad's pockets haha. I'm glad that you were able to spend time with the Hooper's. Oh, for some reason my lds mail account will not let me look at the blog at all :/. Anyways, this week was a rough one. We started it off with meetings and appointments cancelling. So we weren't in our area for a long time and when we were we could not visit anybody. Wednesday we spent the day in Phola and we did some gardening, ill send a video and pictures of that if I can. Then the rest of this week we had most appointments cancel and nobody was on the streets to contact. Even the members call our area outer darkness, but we will have to change that, it may be a hard area; but with enough Faith in the Lord, anything is possible. Our area struggles a lot with transport and money, so we are trying to find ways to get them out to church. The ward is not being super helpful about it though. Hopefully, we can light a fire in their hearts to help the less actives get to church. 

This week we ran out of food so we were surviving on meals with members and noodles and bread haha. This month I am going to budget my money better. Stake conference was very good. The whole stake was about the size of Gilcrease Ranch ward haha, It was good to see more people than usual. Sadly, not many people from my area showed up due to transport issues. The stake building is over an hour away. Yesterday, we had a late lesson in a Middleburg so It was about 9 o'clock and we were very tired. There are many people with crappy cars so you have to pass a lot of people. I was following a car most of the time, so the car I was following passed the car and then I pass the car ahead of me and as I pass him I realize that there is a hill and all of a sudden there is oncoming traffic coming up fast. So i swerved back into the correct lane and luckily missed the oncoming traffic. 1 more second and Elder Banda and I would have been toast haha, so that's my first close call so far on my mission, I'm sure there will be plenty more to come. But the Lord protects his missionaries as long as they are obedient and trying their best. This week I also had some Ostrich with white corn and mushrooms. It was pretty good, except I do not like Brussels sprouts. 
I love you guys! Keep me posted on the funny things that happen, I always enjoy a good laugh. 
Love, Elder Flanagan AKA Sin City (that's my nickname to some of the missionaries)

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