Friday, February 12, 2016

Pizza and Name tags 2/8/16

      Haha it is always good to see Jacob getting beat up! I'm glad everyone sounds happy! Things are going good this week. We had a zone meeting in Pretoria which was very enlightening. We set goals to have 60 new investigators and 40 baptismal dates this month. We have two baptismal dates set so far, our investigators are working on overcoming smoking right now. They are doing very good though!
       This week we went street tracting and we met a pregnant woman on the street. She said we could come visit her. We went and taught her and she explained how she was 9 months pregnant and her husband is not supporting her. Some nights she goes to bed without food. She also mentioned that the first time we found her, she was crying and aimlessly walking down the street. She said when we met her she couldn't believe we were talking to her because she saw us as Angels, like literal angels. I thought that was a very cool experience. 
       Anyways, were doing our best to try and help her and our other investigators that are living in very bad conditions. The ward is growing we had 76 attend yesterday, the most they have seen in years. We are trying to work with members to fellowship those that come to church. I'm jealous that you went to the Dunes, I've only been in the field for 3 weeks but I need a vacation haha it is very hard work. 
      Thank you for the box of letters and candy. I'm excited to receive it! We have to go shopping now, but I will hopefully have more to talk about next week. Love you guys!  
-Elder Flanagan

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