Monday, February 15, 2016

Worms......The poor mans delicacy

        This week has been long, busy, and hard. We have been dealing with people who are starving, struggling , and jobless. The one common thing though is how they thank God for letting them still somehow survive. We have a brother that has STD's and other medical issues. So we brought him the sacrament and gave him a blessing.
        This week we celebrated Elder Darley's birthday at our flat. It was fun we had cake and icecream. Then we had him stand facing away from us and we threw eggs at his back. It was pretty funny he had huge welts on his back but hey, he volunteered for it haha. We also had to mop the floor and walls because there was egg yolk everywhere, even on the ceiling. Today I bought 5Kg's of protein for 400 rand which is roughly $25 if my math is right. Which is SUUUUUUUUUUUPER cheap. Last night we were at a members house and the power went out so we ate around a flashlight.
      In Africa we eat mashed pumpkin with almost every meal, its pretty good. This week I think a member is making mopane worms, which is pretty much caterpillars. Hopefully she doesn't because even my companion doesn't like them, so I definitely wont! Tell Dad i'm getting stronger doing pushups and other workouts each day. I'm actually getting a little skinnier even though we eat a lot of food. This week the coolest experience we had was we were tracting and met 7 new people to teach! Hopefully they all continue wanting to learn. Ill send pictures later if I can. This computer doesn't have a USB port. 
LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!! 

(Not a picture from him but a picture of the worms. uhh...not sure if I could eat them. :0  )

Here are a few pictures that he sent me.

Christians companion - We sent him some Valentines too!

Apparently this is how you Celebrate Birthdays in Africa in the Mission field...haha.  ;)  This is the welts from the eggs on the Elder back.  Silly Boys.

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