Monday, March 21, 2016

A much better week! 3/21/16

This week has been a little bit better than last week. I had a talk with my mission president at our Zone Conference. He told me why I was put with this Elder. Basically, he said I'm the missionary to help him fix his pride. He told me he had great faith in me, I was doubting that until later that night. We talked about his pride and he was hit so hard by the reality, that he called the Assistants to the President and said he wanted to go home. I'm not going to lie, I was fully supporting his decision. But, I remembered this mission isn't about me, there are people that he can still help. So I also helped him decide not to go home. Man, two months being out in the mission field and the President is already having me teach older missionaries, they're supposed to be teaching me! Anyways, I have helped heal most of the damage he did. Now, we are getting along better, there are only a few occasional moments he is prideful or he does something that annoys me. I just have to endure to the end, and try and teach him as much as possible. I forgot to tell you guys. Our car broke down last week, so I had to learn how to drive stick shift. So i had a 5 minute lesson and I was out on the road driving. I only occasionally killed it when we were at robots (traffic lights). One morning when I was practicing, I drove with the parking brake on the whole time, so the brakes were smoking for about an hour hahaha. Now i'm back to driving automatic though. This week I have grown a lot in my patience. I've been meeting many new people, we have a new investigator named Julia. She believes everything we teach her, we visit her every other day. We are hoping she will get baptized sometime in April, she will be a very strong church member for sure! Next Sunday we have 3 Baptisms. This week has been raining a lot, it is cool because sometimes fog covers the city and you feel like your inside a cloud. Happy birthday Mom! Make sure Dad takes you out somewhere nice! I would send a gift, but postage is EXPENSIVE here so I will just say its the thought that counts haha. I Love you guys! Stay safe and I cant wait to hear from you next week!

-Elder Flanagan  AKA The PMG Missionary
Translation - The Preach My Gospel Missionary

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