Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A new week.....A new nick name. 3/7/2016

It sounds like the ward auction was a good time. It is crazy to hear that Chelsey is going into young womens. That will be a life changer for sure. I miss going to Olive Garden haha, send me some bread sticks. 
This week has been crazy, we had more appointments than last week which was good. We had an investigator which was pregnant so Thursday we drove her to the Hospital. Then on Friday she had a baby son. Sunday we were able to hold the baby and give it a blessing. The sad thing is Stella is moving out of our area and into the other Elders area, so we won't be able to see her anymore.
 Yesterday, we were visiting all of the people we usually teach because my companion has been transferred to Pretoria North Zone as a Zone Leader. So we were having him say goodbye to everyone, it was sad to see him saying goodbye, I felt like I was saying goodbye to them as well. When I leave Witbank, i'm going to miss everyone I've met here. Im sad to say goodbye, we have gotten close like brothers in the 7 weeks we have been together, but I know ill meet him sometime before either of us go home, it will be good to see how we have changed and grown.
        My new companion is from Uganda. I'll be picking him up tomorrow, Im praying we get along great, missionary work cannot happen when you do not have unity. This week we had a drunk man come up to us during a lesson and he was talking to me in Afrikaans, I couldn't understand anything he said haha. It is funny how friendly everyone is, they just walk up and say hello and other greetings. Man, last night we were fed so much food, a sister gave us pumpkin mash, mashed potatoes, chicken, cabbage and carrots and a ton of juice. I barely finished it all, it was like a Thanksgiving feast proportion. Im getting used to eating pumpkin every dinner appointment we have.
     We still have six investigators on baptismal date, 4 for March 26 or 27 I cant remember but one of those days is Sunday. We have two other investigators we are still helping to quit smoking, their desire to join the church is very strong, I hope their desire to join is as strong as their desire to quit smoking. We are struggling to get new investigators, Witbank does not offer many people to teach, we are trying to work with members to do missionary work and give us referrals. 
        My favorite scripture this week is John 17:7 if I remember correctly; "If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself". This has helped me get investigators to keep commitments, because the only way to find out if these things are true is to find out by acting upon things. I'm glad you guys aren't missing me too much, I still have 22 months to go, man, these past 2 months have flown by. 
Love you guys!
-Elder Flanagan 'the Rainmaker

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