Monday, April 25, 2016

Witbank Branch Facebook Post

Botswana Maybe.......4/25/2016

I'm glad that Chelsey passed her exam, that is good! Isaac is as usual, sick, no shocker there haha. Thanks for the package, hopefully it gets here before I leave the mission office tomorrow. Another Elder and I are going to the mission office to get police reports and doctor appointments out of the way so we can send in papers for visas to Botswana. There are only missionaries from Botswana in Botswana, they don't really let in any outsiders so hopefully we will be able to get into Botswana. I have to take the idiot test again at the doctors, hopefully I don't fail it hahaha. I think that if we go to a members house on Sunday we will be able to skype, if not it will be a phone call. I'm not exactly sure when though, sometime after church, so maybe like 5pm here, ill hopefully know more soon. Sorry, it sounds like everyone had a rough week, but at least it is getting better :).  Not sure what God is planning right now. Oh well, it will either make or break me. Not sure what exactly to say about this week.
Anyways, I love you guys I'll talk to you on Sunday!
Send me your skype account info so we can skype. 
Love, Elder Flanagan

( PS. the Idiot test is a real thing, he wasn't being mean. You have to go to the doctor and they judge you on your mental capacities and there are boxes to be checked. I was shocked when we read it and had to get it filled out before he left on his mission. Just didn't want you to think he was being incentive. That is really what it is called.)

Its cold here....4/11/2016

It was only cold for those few days actually, its hot again here :(. I'm tired of the heat haha. i'm good on warm clothes though thank you! Well it sounds like things are going good there! That is good to hear :) So we got transfer news Saturday night..... i'm staying with Elder Diogo for another 6 weeks at the least .I gave a talk Sunday, about The family proclamation to the world. After, twenty minutes, the Branch president had to ask me to sit down and let the other speakers have a chance. Man, I didn't realize I had been talking for 20 minutes haha. It was funny. Then we had a Baptism, I baptized a young boy from a less active family and will hopefully inspire them to get to church more. Then we confirmed two young girls that also got baptized but their dad was too nervous to so he asked me to confirm them. It was my first time ever haha, I think I was more nervous than him haha. Most of my district was transferred, so there will be a lot of new faces here. I feel like I have memorized some of the conference talks, we have been using them so much to teach investigators and members. Especially when President Monson talked about the path we should take and Alice in Wonderland. It is a good talk. Ill send some pictures in a minute from this week. 
Love you guys! Keep strong! 
Love, Elder Flanagan


Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 12 in the Field...or something like that.

 It has been raining a lot here in Witbank as well. it also got COLD! We sleep with heaters on and we wear our sweaters and coats. I never thought Africa would ever get cold like this haha! Some of the members said sometimes it will even snow in some areas.

 The Temple groundbreaking sounds like it was cool! It will be great to have more Temples in South Africa, and one in Zimbabwe!
 Man, I wish I was in the snow like dad, I miss being in the mountains, there are no mountains anywhere near Witbank, so I cannot go hiking or anything. This week has been LONG, all our apointments cancelling, one day we had only one lesson. Things are going alright with Elder Diogo, he is less prideful.
 We did get a new investigator, we met her on the street and we talked with her for like 5 minutes, then on Sunday she walked into church! We were like woah! She actually came, she is the first to actually show up, that is not a part member family.

 This week, we have an investigator that is off his rocker. He believes that Hell is at the center of the Earth and that all tornadoes come from the Bermuda Triangle, and that whirlpools in the Bermuda triangle is the entrance to Hell and is  where UFO's come from. He said UFO's are piloted by demons. I looked at my companion and was like either this dude is smoking some heavy stuff, or he is just insane haha. 

We also had lunch at a members house and ate some beef lungs, its like eating rubber that has no flavor. It was not very good. The fun part was we watched WWE Wrestlmania, Roman Reigns vs. Triple H. It was funny that family is too into WWE its like their life. Yeah, this week nothing too exciting happened. Anyways, I love you all! 
Hopefully This last week of the transfer will have something fun in store for the Witbank Elders! I wonder if I will be transferred or not. Oh yeah, this morning I ate the other American Elder's cake and fries this morning for breakfast, we were out of food so it was better than nothing haha! 
Stay well!
Love, Elder Flanagan AKA Next WWE Champion

Its COLD in Witbank!

so we have a pigeon nesting in our barbecue, soon we will have a baby pigeon.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Conference Week and Letters from home. 4/4/2016

       Everything is going good her in Witbank, 2 more weeks this transfer and i'll hit 3 months in the field it is crazy! Time goes by slow each day, but the weeks are flying by! My last companion Elder Banda, was just made an assistant to the President. He told me when he left, it was the last thing he wanted, I told him it was going to happen haha! He will do good! he says hello to you guys! Conference was great, I watched all of conference I think. I was sad to see only about 30 people attended from our branch, and only 8 of us were at the priesthood session, there is definitely work with the members here that needs to be done. 
 I cut another Elder's hair this week, it turns out i'm not bad at it. It was funny halfway through cutting the back fo his head, the clippers died because they haven't had power  to their flat for a week. So we went to another flat to finish it, he was so scared he would look funny this week haha. We have a new investigator that is a Happy Clappy. He has the same views as our church, the only problem is all these false prophets that are performing fake miracles. He is convinced that there are 20 prophets here in Africa and that his last wife had 10 demons inside her, I was, "like how did you know?" He told us he had a dream about it, I was like "well ok" haha.  This week we ate a lot of pumpkin leaves and there is a good place called Chicken Licken that has amazing chicken, my companion always wants to go there haha, he is going to go broke. 
I enjoyed the package and so did the other Elder's they say thank you! What was with all the priests drawing giraffes on their letters to me? Im sure Mccombs had something to do with it, I can just imagine Brother Poulsen and Dad laughing when they were writing haha. it was funny to see that most of the sweets you sent were completely foreign to the other Elders. We had a Zone meeting this week and I gave a short lesson, we have many great Elders I look forward to work with, it is funny I have something in common with all of them. It is funny after our meetings, Sister Wilson always makes cookies for us, but they are always rock hard! But they still taste good! Last Monday after we emailed, we went to the Kwa Guqa chapel and played soccer and Braii'd (Barbecued), African's are so good at soccer, there were 10 year old kids that could use their feet! I love you guys and miss ya! 

Tell Jacob to email me! 
Love, Elder Flanagan AKA Pizza lover

Youth Movie Night 

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