Monday, April 25, 2016

Botswana Maybe.......4/25/2016

I'm glad that Chelsey passed her exam, that is good! Isaac is as usual, sick, no shocker there haha. Thanks for the package, hopefully it gets here before I leave the mission office tomorrow. Another Elder and I are going to the mission office to get police reports and doctor appointments out of the way so we can send in papers for visas to Botswana. There are only missionaries from Botswana in Botswana, they don't really let in any outsiders so hopefully we will be able to get into Botswana. I have to take the idiot test again at the doctors, hopefully I don't fail it hahaha. I think that if we go to a members house on Sunday we will be able to skype, if not it will be a phone call. I'm not exactly sure when though, sometime after church, so maybe like 5pm here, ill hopefully know more soon. Sorry, it sounds like everyone had a rough week, but at least it is getting better :).  Not sure what God is planning right now. Oh well, it will either make or break me. Not sure what exactly to say about this week.
Anyways, I love you guys I'll talk to you on Sunday!
Send me your skype account info so we can skype. 
Love, Elder Flanagan

( PS. the Idiot test is a real thing, he wasn't being mean. You have to go to the doctor and they judge you on your mental capacities and there are boxes to be checked. I was shocked when we read it and had to get it filled out before he left on his mission. Just didn't want you to think he was being incentive. That is really what it is called.)

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