Monday, April 4, 2016

Conference Week and Letters from home. 4/4/2016

       Everything is going good her in Witbank, 2 more weeks this transfer and i'll hit 3 months in the field it is crazy! Time goes by slow each day, but the weeks are flying by! My last companion Elder Banda, was just made an assistant to the President. He told me when he left, it was the last thing he wanted, I told him it was going to happen haha! He will do good! he says hello to you guys! Conference was great, I watched all of conference I think. I was sad to see only about 30 people attended from our branch, and only 8 of us were at the priesthood session, there is definitely work with the members here that needs to be done. 
 I cut another Elder's hair this week, it turns out i'm not bad at it. It was funny halfway through cutting the back fo his head, the clippers died because they haven't had power  to their flat for a week. So we went to another flat to finish it, he was so scared he would look funny this week haha. We have a new investigator that is a Happy Clappy. He has the same views as our church, the only problem is all these false prophets that are performing fake miracles. He is convinced that there are 20 prophets here in Africa and that his last wife had 10 demons inside her, I was, "like how did you know?" He told us he had a dream about it, I was like "well ok" haha.  This week we ate a lot of pumpkin leaves and there is a good place called Chicken Licken that has amazing chicken, my companion always wants to go there haha, he is going to go broke. 
I enjoyed the package and so did the other Elder's they say thank you! What was with all the priests drawing giraffes on their letters to me? Im sure Mccombs had something to do with it, I can just imagine Brother Poulsen and Dad laughing when they were writing haha. it was funny to see that most of the sweets you sent were completely foreign to the other Elders. We had a Zone meeting this week and I gave a short lesson, we have many great Elders I look forward to work with, it is funny I have something in common with all of them. It is funny after our meetings, Sister Wilson always makes cookies for us, but they are always rock hard! But they still taste good! Last Monday after we emailed, we went to the Kwa Guqa chapel and played soccer and Braii'd (Barbecued), African's are so good at soccer, there were 10 year old kids that could use their feet! I love you guys and miss ya! 

Tell Jacob to email me! 
Love, Elder Flanagan AKA Pizza lover

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