Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 12 in the Field...or something like that.

 It has been raining a lot here in Witbank as well. it also got COLD! We sleep with heaters on and we wear our sweaters and coats. I never thought Africa would ever get cold like this haha! Some of the members said sometimes it will even snow in some areas.

 The Temple groundbreaking sounds like it was cool! It will be great to have more Temples in South Africa, and one in Zimbabwe!
 Man, I wish I was in the snow like dad, I miss being in the mountains, there are no mountains anywhere near Witbank, so I cannot go hiking or anything. This week has been LONG, all our apointments cancelling, one day we had only one lesson. Things are going alright with Elder Diogo, he is less prideful.
 We did get a new investigator, we met her on the street and we talked with her for like 5 minutes, then on Sunday she walked into church! We were like woah! She actually came, she is the first to actually show up, that is not a part member family.

 This week, we have an investigator that is off his rocker. He believes that Hell is at the center of the Earth and that all tornadoes come from the Bermuda Triangle, and that whirlpools in the Bermuda triangle is the entrance to Hell and is  where UFO's come from. He said UFO's are piloted by demons. I looked at my companion and was like either this dude is smoking some heavy stuff, or he is just insane haha. 

We also had lunch at a members house and ate some beef lungs, its like eating rubber that has no flavor. It was not very good. The fun part was we watched WWE Wrestlmania, Roman Reigns vs. Triple H. It was funny that family is too into WWE its like their life. Yeah, this week nothing too exciting happened. Anyways, I love you all! 
Hopefully This last week of the transfer will have something fun in store for the Witbank Elders! I wonder if I will be transferred or not. Oh yeah, this morning I ate the other American Elder's cake and fries this morning for breakfast, we were out of food so it was better than nothing haha! 
Stay well!
Love, Elder Flanagan AKA Next WWE Champion

Its COLD in Witbank!

so we have a pigeon nesting in our barbecue, soon we will have a baby pigeon.

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