Thursday, May 26, 2016

May 16, 2016

 The zoo looks like it was fun. Yeah there are alot of snakes here, Cobras, Death or Night Adders and a bunch other that are always at houses we visit. Hey, Chelsey is getting good at harp if she is passing with straight A's! My new Companion is awesome, we have a lot of fun even though the work in Witbank is slow, only 5 lessons this week. He is from Lady Smith KZN. We are pretty similar its nice.  ).  I did get my package! I can say it was DELICIOUS, because it was mostly my favorite snacks :). Thank you for everything! My companion was saying, "man Americans love sugar!" I said that's why were mostly all white haha. I enjoyed all the pictures and letters from I think Primary kids? Anyways to answer the question they all had, No I do not wear a skirt, Do I wish I was, Yes. haha This week was mostly quiet, even more than last week. So there isn't much to talk about really. Adios! Love you all! 
Elder Flanagan ;D

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