Monday, May 9, 2016

Mothers Day Skype 5/8/2016

Yeah, yesterday it was great to talk to you all face to face. Regardless of the terrible connection :/ I still don't think I have an accent though :). Tomorrow I get a new companion. He is a cool guy ! This week we had a family we are teaching unexpectedly show up to church, it was very neat! He started as a referral for a bible and now he is coming to church. He definitely has had a change of heart. As of right now while i'm emailing me and another Elder are each eating a share box from McDonald's. It has 2 quarter pounders, 2 cheeseburgers, 4 fries, 4 small drinks, and 10 chicken nuggets. Only for 150 rands or $10. Pretty cheap and it fills you up haha we bought 3 of them for the 6 of us in our district so thats what I'm doing while emailing right now.
          We have a tough lady in our branch, she had a stroke one day the next day we gave her a blessing and the next day she is back home and made us lunch. She is one tough cookie to break. My ankle has been aching lately.I think I'm playing too much soccer and rugby, but at least i'm getting my exercise haha. This Friday we had a Zone meeting and after we went to a buffet to eat. One of the Elders thought wasabi was a sauce for salad and he LOADED it on. He was dying and could not figure out what was so hot and spicy. It was hilarious. Not much has happened teaching wise this week. Most appointments have cancelled and we were not able to see them sadly. Well.... Maybe next week i'll have more to talk about haha, nothing happened thats worth mentioning. So, Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!!!! Love you all!
Stay safe.
Elder Flanagan
Aka Elder McLovin

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