Thursday, May 26, 2016

SUP Dudes! Building those bridges for homeschool looked fun! That is cool about meeting that missionary couple, its weird the different languages we have in common areas like California. This week hasn't been eventful either in South Africa, Witbank. We only had about 5 lessons last week, 10 this week. We did a lot of contacting and tracting, no new investigators yet, everyone we have met haven't been interested. So it has been boring here haha, but its alright my legs are getting a good workout. My ankle aches all the time though, I think I messed it up again playing soccer. Its a good relief from stressful weeks to play soccer all day on Mondays. I finished the book of Mosiah this week in my studies. If only the Presidential Candidates were Alma or King Benjamin, then our country would begin to become better. King Benjamin and King Mosiah taught their people righteousness while they served their people as a leader. Well that is what is new with me, Love You guys! Miss ya! 
-Elder Flanagan 

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