Monday, May 2, 2016

This week has been alright, its getting a little bit better. I was able to spend time with some other elders selected to go to Botswana.While we were doing fingerprints at the police station, we borrowed a pen from the police officers and one of the elders said your taking their pen. " I said stealing in a police station, thats probably not good haha". Some members invited us over to have a birthday dinner with President and Sister Wilson. It was a nice experience, it helped me feel a little better haha. Before we went there, we had a lesson with an investigator and his less active family. After the lesson, we gave blessings to 3 of their children and one of their friends they invited over. It was a very neat experience, even to see a 15 year old investigator young man to ask for a blessing. The weather here is hot one day and cold one day.Its annoying ,haha. Yesterday Elder Cook and Sister Cook visited our ward and spoke to us about keeping the Gospel Simple, it doesn't matter about big wards, fancy church buildings, nice suits or anything. It only matters on the pure principles of the Gospel Faith, Repentance, Baptism, The gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring or Enjoying to the End. It was nice. After we took them to where we had a birthday dinner and had lunch with them. So I can say I ate lunch with one of the Quorum of the Seventy haha. 

Anyways ill send a little more later were cutting email a little short this morning to go play some soccer and get our butts kicked by the Youth from Kwa Guqa!
Love you all! 

Elder Flanagan

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  1. I guess we should come clean about the Birthday dinner, I did not realise that your Mission President would be there initially, I did correspond with your mom regarding your BDay and man did things just start going wrong before you got there. But I was glad we were able to brighten your day a little. Bro Vincent Comrie.