Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Sup Fam. This week has been better. Mokopane is treating me good. We have a good branch here. About 80 people at church and the members are all super nice. We went to do service at a Labola thing for a young couple getting married and were helping prepare food for their party. We have two guys that go with us teaching.He just got his mission call. We are going to deliver it to him later;and another guy who is an RM and is funny. We have been getting a lot of people calling us and we are having days that every hour we are having lessons or service, most of the lessons are new or potential investigators. Its greener here in Limpopo. I will send pictures next week for sure, I didn't take any this week ,I forgot. Elder Darley and I are doing good. It was nice that we knew each other well before we became companions because we didn't have to do any getting to know each other talk or anything. Man, Chelsey is going to be a harp superstar. That is crazy how fast she is progressing. Soon Issac will be building robots that talk around the house and sits in his room all day going crazy like a mad scientist. So that's basically all that is new here in South Africa.
I love you guys! 
-Love Elder Flanagan

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


The weather here is alright. There has been some COLD days haha. But I dont have to worry about the cold any longer because Wednesday im leaving to Mokopane in Limpopo which is going to be hot so I wont worry about the cold and Ill be with Elder D. We keep joking that we will follow each other around our missions. It might happen. So we get a new Mission President on the 31st I believe, or sometime around there. Things are changing for me over here, hopefully good changes :). This week we say goodbye to a really cool Elder from New Zealand or Australia I can't remember but he just finished his mission. Other than that things haven't really changed. I'm sure next week I will have a lot more to talk about for sure since i'll be in a new area!   
Love you guys!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Today it is 5 months, it feels like a year to be honest haha.  I bet the ward Luau was fun, we might roast a whole pig here pretty soon. This week has been slow as well, but we contacted 2 referrals in Middleburg. One is a nice guy and seems interested. The second is a stubborn guy, and his wife is crazy. We start praying and she starts screaming nonsense for 8 minutes and then says Amen. They didn't seem to want to learn from us at all, very stubborn and disagree with everything we taught so we will most likely drop them since they won't progress; unless they change in one of the next couple of lessons. After the lesson they were nice and offered us a drink. As soon as i drank it I thought they poisoned us or gave us whiskey or something. It burned our throats so bad, but apparently is is a common drink called stoney's. Then they explained to us that we shouldn't feel bad if we can't pray in tongues, they assured us we still have the Holy Spirit. I was glad. Other than that experience the week has been quiet, a lot of walking the streets and meeting people that are not interested. One day it will pick up. 
Love and miss you all!
Love, Elder Flanagan