Monday, July 25, 2016


This week actually flew by pretty fast. We were busy most days. We have a new investigator  from Ghana. He is a co-owner of a hair salon he works at so we teach him at his shop while he cuts hair. Our two investigators who are progressing didn't make it to church this week but that is because she is having her baby. The other day she was asking us what she should name her child and my companion gave her my name haha. My companion made brownies and chocolate chip cookies this week so we have been getting fat. This morning his pants barely fit him haha. Other than that, that is mainly our progress this week. Most of our investigators we dropped because they haven't progressed or showed dedication. It is just simply not their time to accept the Gospel. We had a new investigator this week that said, "Can I invite my friends for the next lesson?" We were like OF COURSE! This morning we went to a hotel/game reserve and we drove around and saw wildebeest, ostrich, Zebra, lions and we got to stand in the cage with cheetah and let them lick us and we pet them! It was super cool! Ill send pictures in a minute. My camera died sadly, so I didn't get a picture with the cheetah but I was there so I have a picture in my mind haha. Im eating KFC right now because I haven't eaten today, so just to let you know it tastes pretty amazing. 
Love you guys! Thats about it from Elder Flanagan this week.

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Monday, July 18, 2016


Hahaha yeah my companion had an abdominal infection, he got medicine and is doing a lot better. Now every morning he isn't dying on the couch. That is funny about the Pokemon game.  Our phone is literally the worst phone on the planet, you can barely hear people on the phone. Hahaha that is funny about Issac, you can let him know I don't need any of his junk haha. This week has been interesting. We found a new investigator, she was reading pamphlets and had questions and then Saturday she told us she doesn't wanna take lessons anymore, so that was discouraging. We are still just trying to find people who are interested and not just joking around. Lately we have had a lot of packed days, but all lessons but 1-2 cancel on us each day. We did get to meet our new mission president on Friday. He is only 46 or 48 ,I forgot. He seems like a good guy though. Yesterday since most of our appointments after church cancelled, we attempted to visit less actives. Each house we stop at, everyone runs inside and they send the little kid to the door saying nobody is home, all the less actives are scared of us. Saturday we cleaned the church with the youth and then played soccer with them, it was pretty fun. 
Love you guys! 
Elder Flanagan

Monday, July 11, 2016


I'm glad you guys are enjoying the church history trip. I bet it is pretty cool, especially to just travel the U.S.A. I wanna travel when I get back. I haven't met the new mission president or his wife yet. I think this week we will probably. Mokopane is treating me well, the weather is nice. This week I spent a day in Seshego with another elder from my MTC group. It was nice to be with him. My companion has had an abdominal infection lately. He called me while we were on exchanges and tells me he needs me to meet him at the hospital with 1500 rand ($100) to pay for his medical bills. The mission is reimbursing me, it was just funny to hear my companions just chilling in the Hospital. This week we got called and I was told I was the new driver, so I had to learn to drive manual this week. I'm a pro already, soon I will be drifting corners and going off jumps haha, missionary/rally racer. Ill send some pictures in a minute.
Love you guys!
Enjoy the rest of the trip!
Love, Elder Flanagan

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


SUP MUNCHKINS. Mokopane was good this week. We had a lot of lessons this week. We have 1 solid investigator that actually read the pamphlets and was asking good questions and praying about it so that was cool. One of the eight year old's here was baptized. He was super excited to be baptized .It was funny. We had visitors from Hurricane and St. George, Utah, about 6 of them, it was funny to see people from close to home visiting here. We filled out more papers for Botswana, so maybe in a few months we will go there. It looks like Mexico was nice. I'm jealous you guys are gonna be lighting off fireworks and partying today. This week my allergies are killing me, i'm not sure why. I found Snapple here! So I have been buying Snapple because it is super delicious. I'm beginning to know the members and their names now so that's good. Our member present got his call to Ghana Cape Coast mission so in October he won't be able to go to all our lessons with us but he is excited to serve a mission. I'll send pictures to you guys. 
Love you guys!
-Elder Flanagan

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