Monday, July 11, 2016


I'm glad you guys are enjoying the church history trip. I bet it is pretty cool, especially to just travel the U.S.A. I wanna travel when I get back. I haven't met the new mission president or his wife yet. I think this week we will probably. Mokopane is treating me well, the weather is nice. This week I spent a day in Seshego with another elder from my MTC group. It was nice to be with him. My companion has had an abdominal infection lately. He called me while we were on exchanges and tells me he needs me to meet him at the hospital with 1500 rand ($100) to pay for his medical bills. The mission is reimbursing me, it was just funny to hear my companions just chilling in the Hospital. This week we got called and I was told I was the new driver, so I had to learn to drive manual this week. I'm a pro already, soon I will be drifting corners and going off jumps haha, missionary/rally racer. Ill send some pictures in a minute.
Love you guys!
Enjoy the rest of the trip!
Love, Elder Flanagan

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