Monday, July 25, 2016


This week actually flew by pretty fast. We were busy most days. We have a new investigator  from Ghana. He is a co-owner of a hair salon he works at so we teach him at his shop while he cuts hair. Our two investigators who are progressing didn't make it to church this week but that is because she is having her baby. The other day she was asking us what she should name her child and my companion gave her my name haha. My companion made brownies and chocolate chip cookies this week so we have been getting fat. This morning his pants barely fit him haha. Other than that, that is mainly our progress this week. Most of our investigators we dropped because they haven't progressed or showed dedication. It is just simply not their time to accept the Gospel. We had a new investigator this week that said, "Can I invite my friends for the next lesson?" We were like OF COURSE! This morning we went to a hotel/game reserve and we drove around and saw wildebeest, ostrich, Zebra, lions and we got to stand in the cage with cheetah and let them lick us and we pet them! It was super cool! Ill send pictures in a minute. My camera died sadly, so I didn't get a picture with the cheetah but I was there so I have a picture in my mind haha. Im eating KFC right now because I haven't eaten today, so just to let you know it tastes pretty amazing. 
Love you guys! Thats about it from Elder Flanagan this week.

Daddy Lion

Daddy Lions Wives   #polygamy 


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