Tuesday, July 5, 2016


SUP MUNCHKINS. Mokopane was good this week. We had a lot of lessons this week. We have 1 solid investigator that actually read the pamphlets and was asking good questions and praying about it so that was cool. One of the eight year old's here was baptized. He was super excited to be baptized .It was funny. We had visitors from Hurricane and St. George, Utah, about 6 of them, it was funny to see people from close to home visiting here. We filled out more papers for Botswana, so maybe in a few months we will go there. It looks like Mexico was nice. I'm jealous you guys are gonna be lighting off fireworks and partying today. This week my allergies are killing me, i'm not sure why. I found Snapple here! So I have been buying Snapple because it is super delicious. I'm beginning to know the members and their names now so that's good. Our member present got his call to Ghana Cape Coast mission so in October he won't be able to go to all our lessons with us but he is excited to serve a mission. I'll send pictures to you guys. 
Love you guys!
-Elder Flanagan

Cool Mountain

Church Building
Church Garden

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