Monday, August 1, 2016


Thobela (spedi for hello, hopefully I spelled it right), My week has been good. On Wednesday, we were just beginning our day and then the clutch started only going in halfway and then we roll up to a stop sign and then I could not get into first and the clutch completely got jammed. It turns out the master cylinder or something was broken so we wont get our car back until tomorrow. We have been walking and building muscles. We don't get to see as many people though. So remember how last week my companion told our investigator to name her soon to be born son Christian? So we visited her Saturday, we ask her how her baby is and then we ask her what she named him. It turns out the baby was actually a girl, the doctors were wrong. So we were like well she didn't name her child after us. It turns out she names her daughter Christian. I was like, do you mean Christina? Nope she named her daughter Christian. 
 Sunday we drove up to Tzaneen for district conference. It is super green and beautiful in Tzaneen. It was a good conference. One of the 70's said something neat. It is easy to please Heavenly Father, But it is hard to satisfy him. As saints we can pray study scriptures go to church and other things and please Heavenly Father. But do we satisfy him, basically meaning is what we are doing enough, or all that we could be doing in magnifying our callings and such. That's one thing that stood out to me. I did get the package, thanks for all the stuff inside! My companion loved it too, he said its the best mail he has gotten on his mission. The shirt was really funny. The chocolates sadly melted a lot so they are not as nice as they could be, but HEY, its still chocolate. I put the holy tabbs in my scriptures and it helps a lot. Now we have to go walk to the store and buy groceries, I think ill be fat and get some ice cream :). 
Love you guys!
Elder Flanagan

Wallet Upgrade: Now the Prophet laughs at me every time I'm broke.

With the Area Seventy at District Conference 

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