Tuesday, September 27, 2016


 So this week has been interesting. As usual most of the appointments cancelled...... but we just gotta keep working. We contacted a referral we received and we went there. Super nice 82 year old lady, we sit down and she offers us water. We drank the water. then she jumps right into it, teach me your message for today! So we were like ok! Began the restoration and it became a back and forth between me and her about doctrines and then finally after an hour she said , "let me go show you something." So then she brings out a thick stack of anti-Mormon material from the internet. Then I just look at my companion and i'm like "well here we go....." So after another hour of defending our religion, we realized that she is too hard headed and set on her religion. She then tried to convert us and tell us she admires what we do but Joseph Smith has led as astray and that we should pray about what we are doing. It was pretty funny. I was just like we will do that for sure. I hit her with a pretty good analogy though. I said that she should not look to the internet to learn about the church, but instead turn to us. I asked her if she was looking for a car, would she go to the Ford dealership to ask about the Chevy cars. of course they will talk trash about Chevy, she was too set on what she found online though. We later learned that shes been taught pretty much everything, and invites missionaries over each year just to basically bible bash. So we will give her one more appointment to soften her heart. Other than that the lessons we had were mainly with members, were still getting to know them all. They are all very funny and loving people here, ill be sad to leave in a week if that happens. This is my 6th week in Pretoria, that's crazy. We had our zone conference on Wednesday, it was pretty good! We had a new couple that are like a doctor and assistant to the area presidency. She talked about how "unique", our situation is. We are one of 1200 missionaries that are in either all of Africa, or the Southern Region. She then talked how we were kept back I think she said 6 Dispensations, and how we were some of the very elect. She then asked us what we did in the pre-mortal life to be given such an honor. That's basically what I remember off hand. It was pretty cool. Life is going good. Its hot!!  Hope everything back home is doing good! I hear Kason gets back this week!!!!!!! Thats crazy, I miss all my friends haha. But most of all I miss my family! Love you guys! Elder Flanagan  

Pap with salads and variety of meats, EAT WITH YOUR HANDS

Zone Conference


Worn out shoes from walking 9months!

Monday, September 19, 2016


My week has been good. Not much work, we only had 5 lessons. But we met a cool less active. He has bene less active for 20 years. Really sweet guy, he traveled the world a lot and loved showing us all his blades and cool trinkets from his travels. He enjoys having us over, hopefully we can find why he is less active because he is a great person and his family are strong members. Our investigator, was sick this week so we could not see him. But he is also a really good guy. 
This week the weather has been getting hot, I wish I was in Russia or something so it was cold. That is crazy that Carter is home now! Man those guys are gonna be married soon haha ;). 
Yesterday it was super rainy and cold, but my companion and I attempted to find people, there was absolutely nobody haha, it was freezing. Thats why I was dressed up all warm. The burns on my foot were from service. We were painting windows and we needed paint remover to get it off the windows. I kicked over the bottle and it filled my shoe. As we were finishing I noticed my foot was burning. It got better the next day after I put some lavender on it. 
Well I love you guys and miss you dearly. Especially the frog I gave to bubbles or Chelsey, maybe its still alive I'm not sure haha. till next week! 
-Elder Flanagan, a friend to many, and enemy to none.


Looks like you guys are all doing good!  The area is good. The members are all super friendly, Saturday we had a Braii and there was so much food! We could not finish it. We have two investigators. They are both pretty cool and their friends are members so they should have all the help they need to gain a testimony and be strong members. We do not tract neighborhoods or houses because everywhere has high fences and barbed wire or electric fences and guards, so the only people we find are referrals basically. We do have a long list of less actives we can see though! So we do have stuff to keep us busy. Maybe we will have a baptism in October? I guess time will tell.
This week I have had a lot of Burger King since it is so close to our Flat. I worked my legs out on Saturday I did some jumping lunges and squats. My legs are still super dead haha. Oh yeah,my companion  and I have also been given the task to manage referral manager. Basically all the referrals that come from mormon.org for the whole mission. Making sure those people get contacted. So that is also taking up some time. It is getting hot here :(. Im going to be losing a lot of water weight from sweating haha. 
Love you guys! 
-Elder Flanagan

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Sup My homies,
So this week has been good. Whitewashing the area ( when both Elders are new) is rough but its ok. its a little slow but thats ok, its picking up bit by bit. We have two investigators currently. We have been teaching a nice man that has pretty much retired and is looking to come closer to God. He is in like chapter 2 of first Nephi, he is reading fast! The only problem is that he visits families in Limpopo on weekends so getting him to church will be a struggle. We have another investigator. She is progressing pretty well. 
One of the families here bought us krispy kreme doughuts when they were in Joberg. They taste the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then we had a Braai,(BBQ) and had a lesson with them. They love feeding us, they are such a sweet family. The members here are all very nice to us and the first thing they always say is, "when are you coming over for dinner?" We actually had a lunch yesterday with a really nice family, hes super rich and has a bulletproof BMW that is 3.2 tons and still is faster than a Porsche. They are also super funny, we were laughing most of the time. 
I had an interesting meal this week I think its called cus cus, some indian kind of wheat, its like eating sand, but doesn't taste bad! 
I've been reading Our Heritage this week. Its interesting reading about the pioneers and stuff. Yes I am still getting fat. But we might start running in the mornings, just depends if we have the energy to wake up earlier than usual to go running. 
Love you guys, Have a great week. Love, Elder Flanagan
Your friend, your son, to some a future husband and father, etc. 
He has a sleeping disorder where he just falls asleep and will not wake up. He can get water poured on him. get smacked in the face. HE will stay asleep, sometimes if the tub fills up with water somehow, he gets out and sleeps on the floor. Its so funny, he gets a good nights sleep though! His favorite spots are the Bath tub and corners in the Flat. 

Thursday, September 1, 2016


Man that is crazy that Ashley and Lorenzo are already home! Time flies aye? MY new area, Pretoria East, is a nice area. Its probably one of the biggest cities in South Africa. The members are very nice and LOVE to feed us. My companion and I had to give talks our first Sunday. The topic, our faith through trials. I used the book of Job. He is a pretty good example, he lost everything, riches, family, and even was smitten with boils. Yet in the end the lord blessed him immensely. Job even said, I think its ch13 v 12. The lord is turning me into gold, (don't have my scriptures so you will just have to find it yourself haha). We have a good ward so hopefully we will be able to get some missionary work done in the area, so far its slow. We do have a few investigators so hopefully they keep their commitments and progress. I was shocked when I saw a family from my old branch, in my new area. I was like, "I just left Witbank 2 months ago and you guys moved because you missed me!?" My new companion is a good kid. He has been out 4 1/2 months. He is from Idaho and loves to make me deserts so that is a plus ;). I'm getting a belly though :(. Its getting summer here and our car has no A/C so hopefully I don't cook this transfer. Man, I wish I could eat some Teriyaki Madness right now, that sounds so good. All I ate this morning was bran flakes. 
Love you guys, Seeya next week.
LOVE, Elder FLanagan :D