Thursday, September 1, 2016


Man that is crazy that Ashley and Lorenzo are already home! Time flies aye? MY new area, Pretoria East, is a nice area. Its probably one of the biggest cities in South Africa. The members are very nice and LOVE to feed us. My companion and I had to give talks our first Sunday. The topic, our faith through trials. I used the book of Job. He is a pretty good example, he lost everything, riches, family, and even was smitten with boils. Yet in the end the lord blessed him immensely. Job even said, I think its ch13 v 12. The lord is turning me into gold, (don't have my scriptures so you will just have to find it yourself haha). We have a good ward so hopefully we will be able to get some missionary work done in the area, so far its slow. We do have a few investigators so hopefully they keep their commitments and progress. I was shocked when I saw a family from my old branch, in my new area. I was like, "I just left Witbank 2 months ago and you guys moved because you missed me!?" My new companion is a good kid. He has been out 4 1/2 months. He is from Idaho and loves to make me deserts so that is a plus ;). I'm getting a belly though :(. Its getting summer here and our car has no A/C so hopefully I don't cook this transfer. Man, I wish I could eat some Teriyaki Madness right now, that sounds so good. All I ate this morning was bran flakes. 
Love you guys, Seeya next week.
LOVE, Elder FLanagan :D

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