Monday, September 19, 2016


Looks like you guys are all doing good!  The area is good. The members are all super friendly, Saturday we had a Braii and there was so much food! We could not finish it. We have two investigators. They are both pretty cool and their friends are members so they should have all the help they need to gain a testimony and be strong members. We do not tract neighborhoods or houses because everywhere has high fences and barbed wire or electric fences and guards, so the only people we find are referrals basically. We do have a long list of less actives we can see though! So we do have stuff to keep us busy. Maybe we will have a baptism in October? I guess time will tell.
This week I have had a lot of Burger King since it is so close to our Flat. I worked my legs out on Saturday I did some jumping lunges and squats. My legs are still super dead haha. Oh yeah,my companion  and I have also been given the task to manage referral manager. Basically all the referrals that come from mormon.org for the whole mission. Making sure those people get contacted. So that is also taking up some time. It is getting hot here :(. Im going to be losing a lot of water weight from sweating haha. 
Love you guys! 
-Elder Flanagan

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