Monday, September 19, 2016


My week has been good. Not much work, we only had 5 lessons. But we met a cool less active. He has bene less active for 20 years. Really sweet guy, he traveled the world a lot and loved showing us all his blades and cool trinkets from his travels. He enjoys having us over, hopefully we can find why he is less active because he is a great person and his family are strong members. Our investigator, was sick this week so we could not see him. But he is also a really good guy. 
This week the weather has been getting hot, I wish I was in Russia or something so it was cold. That is crazy that Carter is home now! Man those guys are gonna be married soon haha ;). 
Yesterday it was super rainy and cold, but my companion and I attempted to find people, there was absolutely nobody haha, it was freezing. Thats why I was dressed up all warm. The burns on my foot were from service. We were painting windows and we needed paint remover to get it off the windows. I kicked over the bottle and it filled my shoe. As we were finishing I noticed my foot was burning. It got better the next day after I put some lavender on it. 
Well I love you guys and miss you dearly. Especially the frog I gave to bubbles or Chelsey, maybe its still alive I'm not sure haha. till next week! 
-Elder Flanagan, a friend to many, and enemy to none.

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