Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Sup My homies,
So this week has been good. Whitewashing the area ( when both Elders are new) is rough but its ok. its a little slow but thats ok, its picking up bit by bit. We have two investigators currently. We have been teaching a nice man that has pretty much retired and is looking to come closer to God. He is in like chapter 2 of first Nephi, he is reading fast! The only problem is that he visits families in Limpopo on weekends so getting him to church will be a struggle. We have another investigator. She is progressing pretty well. 
One of the families here bought us krispy kreme doughuts when they were in Joberg. They taste the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then we had a Braai,(BBQ) and had a lesson with them. They love feeding us, they are such a sweet family. The members here are all very nice to us and the first thing they always say is, "when are you coming over for dinner?" We actually had a lunch yesterday with a really nice family, hes super rich and has a bulletproof BMW that is 3.2 tons and still is faster than a Porsche. They are also super funny, we were laughing most of the time. 
I had an interesting meal this week I think its called cus cus, some indian kind of wheat, its like eating sand, but doesn't taste bad! 
I've been reading Our Heritage this week. Its interesting reading about the pioneers and stuff. Yes I am still getting fat. But we might start running in the mornings, just depends if we have the energy to wake up earlier than usual to go running. 
Love you guys, Have a great week. Love, Elder Flanagan
Your friend, your son, to some a future husband and father, etc. 
He has a sleeping disorder where he just falls asleep and will not wake up. He can get water poured on him. get smacked in the face. HE will stay asleep, sometimes if the tub fills up with water somehow, he gets out and sleeps on the floor. Its so funny, he gets a good nights sleep though! His favorite spots are the Bath tub and corners in the Flat. 

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