Thursday, November 10, 2016


Can i believe it has almost been a year? Yes and no. It feels like its been like 10 years since I left and at the same time it feels like yesterday. Once I hit a year time is going to fly. So transfers are this Friday. We find out if we leave either Tuesday or Wednesday night.  Tell Dad's Cousins "Whatsup!"  Yeah South Africa is beatiful if you know where to look. Its hot though!  This week we are just going to try and see all our investigators. We saw one investigator on Friday.  We taught the Whole of the Restoration. It went well. Michael fasted about our message the week before. I was like Woah! This guy is a super star. An investigator fasting about a message is rare for me. Michael is a cool guy! I will miss him if I leave this week. We couldn't see our other investigator, our schedules are conflicting. Its hard, he only allows us to come Thursdays and if he cancels, which is most of the time. We cant see him till next week. We have seen him 2 times in like 2 months. We have a few less actives we are going to try and see this week. On Tuesday we went to our usual 2 hours of service at the welfare place.On Saturday we helped out a family to set up for their sons birthday party. We cleaned their back yard and set up party decorations in return for authentic Indian food. It was a good party, different than most parties. It was mainly people giving speeches, then a toast and then good food! We got to know a lot of the members better and get to know some of their family from Durban. Apparently Durban is the second largest Indian population, the first is India. So they have the funny Indian accents. It was a good time, planted a couple of seeds. Thats pretty much what is new this week. 
Love you guys! Talk to you next week
 -Elder Flanagan



đŸ‘»Hello and welcome to the TWILIGHT (Pretoria)ZONE. Just in case you dont get that. Im in Pretoria Zone. I loved the package. I ate most of the beef jerky because last night I ran out of food. The sour strip candy was gone the second day I had it. I did ration it, if I had it my way I would have eaten it the first night, Im learning self control hahaha. The pants almost fit, I can button them but it is super tight. Im gonna have to lose some weight. I have thought about having salad for lunch everyday. So I bought some lettuce and spinach. Still have not eaten it because thats all i have hahaha. Send me some salad recipes please. It might motivate me. I bet the Trunk or Treat was fun. I love Chelsey's costume! Isaac's was too scary for me though. Our ward activity was good. Elder Tolman and I were the judges for the trunks and costumes. We did get some candy too. I forgot to pass out pencils because I was judging........Dont worry Ill give them out to kids throughout my mission.Grandma told me about the funeral. Its sad.  We have heard rumors of Bro. Christopherson. He is comig to Botswana, and Centurion in Johannesburg. We cannot go. There is a rumor that he will visit our stake for a stake conference 2 Sundays from now. Its a maybe. So hopefully! Yeah there is a lot of poverty in the townships. It does make us appreciate everything more. Especially Air conditioning! It is like 100 degrees here and all we have are fans. Its so hard to fall asleep. We are still working in the office. My ankle is alright, in the inside it aches when I do stuff. That is crazy that Mccombs is going on his mission! The old priest quorum are all on missions pretty much. Yeah I cant wait to facetime or skype home!   So this week we had a solid 9 hours of service. We helped paint window frames, cleaned the chapel and helped a sister move. So that was good to be able to help out a lot this week. We taught one of our investigators the Godhead this week. He was the new investigator at church on Sunday. He did not come this week though :(. And we also taught another investigator the Restoration on Thursday. They seemed to really enjoy the lessons. We will see them again this week. Church was good. We had really good talks in Sacrament. and a Song performed by the Bishopric.After Sacrament Bishop informs us that we are supposed to take 30 minutes in the last hour of church. So we presented the 21 day promise given by one of the apostles. Basically for 21 days people pray and study every morning and also include a fast. And one of the people they put on their list  is promised that they will let the missionaries have a lesson with them. So combined with My companion and the ward mission leader, we filled in the time haha. I think it will help the ward. Tolman says thanks for that little thingy. (I think he means the oil and the funny pictures). I love you guys! Have a great week. Save me some candy. We are going paint balling today. Ill let you know how that goes. Live long and prosper!
Love Elder Flanagan

My candy collected from the Trunk or Treat.

not my bike I just took a picture with it in the office. haha