Saturday, December 17, 2016


Hello beautiful people. This is Elder Flanagan reporting for duty once again.
So this week was rough again, hopefully soon it will pick up. We had roughly 4 lessons with members. We did go to the Welfare home again and we helped them practice for this Christmas Program thing. They sang some songs, very out of tune but its the spirit that counts. Tomorrow we are going back and we are going to Braii for them. Or in American terms we are going to BBQ for them haha.It should be fun, these people don't really get any visitors, a lot have been dumped there because nobody is available to take care of them. So even though they get their slobber on me, half the time I can't even understand them, It still feels good to be able to make them feel happy. I've never seen someone so happy because they were able to make a card for their friend.
We had service at our New Stake President's house. He was patriarch and now he is stake president haha. When your a super good guy, you get tough callings I guess. hey had a little cabin out back, basically a shed. and they wanted us to organize it so they can find stuff and clean it up a little. It had spider webs everywhere, spiders everywhere. If you touched anything your hand was guaranteed to have at least spiderwebs and if you were lucky, you would have a nice little spiders corpse attached to you as your flail your arms trying to get it off of you haha. The bishops little boy, who is their grandson was taking out all the light blankets for us. It was nice because we knew that's where all the spiders that are living are in..... The little boy didn't mind. Ignorance is bliss I guess. We got a nice lunch of buttered bread, cold beans, and some lunch meat, and beet root .
Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you guys. Its like super common to just eat cold beans, they don't believe in heating up their can of beans for some reason. Ive never had them warm! 
So, most of my money has gone to coke. Probably why i'm getting fat. I blame it on not having a gym to go to, but that's just me. I like to try new things, who knows, something new could become your favorite thing. Like Pineapple yogurt! 
I'm thinking of buying a blender, that way I can make smoothies in the morning. I think It would help me spend my money wiser. But, ill have to research into how much blenders are. Oh yeah, can you include flaming hot Cheetos (NO LIME PLEASE) in my package. They sound super good. 
Being a District leader is going good so far. I have the assistants and the other sunny side elders in my district. So I don't have to worry about them at all. they do what they should! Doing call-ins, which is where I call my district and talk about what they are doing, their investigators, less actives and such takes like 1-2 hours, and i have to report to my Zone leaders which also takes a long time. 
But its OK, District meeting went well for my first time conducting one. The lessons was from this past general conference. The talk about each one of us being a piece of a big puzzle.
Thats really all that is new! I love and miss you all!  
-Elder Flanagan

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