Saturday, December 17, 2016


Sup homies. Just putting in some work in the office. So Last night we were sharing a lesson with some members. One of the cool Returned missionaries was there. Stefan, the guy we helped set up for his Birthday party. So I shared something I learned from Elder Ellis in our leadership. Ill write what I learned after I share some other stuff. 

So after we shared the lesson with the Josephs. Stefan, the returned missionary, asked me in private if I want to study something that could help me. I said heck yeah. Oh, by the way, I was talking to him about the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon. If we would ever get it in this life. This came up because we shared the talk from this past gerneral conference 'For our spiritual growth and well being' something like that. It talked about when they were kids, they had the model golden plates. So, back to the main story, Stefan said that there is a portion of the hidden plates in The Book of Mormon. So I was like, WHERE?!!?! So he told me to go study this question. 
The question is, Why is the Book of Mormon a Testament of Jesus Christ? Why are the scriptures called a Testament of Jesus Christ? So he gave me those questions and said to study the first 4 books in the New Testament. So, im already in Matthew Chapter 9 haha.But he said that once he found out why, it solidified his testimony, and led to finding the Hidden plates. And connected a bigger picture. So thats what im currently working on.

So how that story ties into my next story is cool. So today we went to a food market with a cool member. He bought us burritos. Anyways, I was wondering what to share with them as I studied in the morning. And I looked at the light the world initiative that the church sent out. December 3rd, was helping the blind. One of the ideas was read about Jesus Christ healing the Blind. That was what I studied this morning So I was like perfect! While I read the scripture. I noticed throughout the chapter, after every time Jesus heals somebody, his fame is spread throughout the land by the people he healed. The same idea applies to this challenge. As we do these little acts of service and other things over the next 25 days. The Church's fame will be spread by those that are helped by the Members who took the initiative. Pretty cool thought I had. 

Lastly, this is what Elder Ellis shared in our leadership meeting. 
We read Mosiah 22,23,24. He thinks they are the most important chapters in the Book of Mormon. Here's why. Firstly We learn that the Lord chastises us and trys our faith and patience. Then He tells us why after Alma and his people are freed from Amulon's rule and the Lamanite oppression. The Lord chastens us so that we can stand as witnesses, that the Lord visits his people in their afflictions. Basically the Lord gave them the hard things to endure, so that after, they could stand with an unshaken testimony that God is there. It wasn't a perfect knowledge because they did not see God Physically. But he gave them an experience they could never deny. Heavenly Father blessed them that their burdens would be light, They baasically were asking their taskmasters to give them more tasks, and they knew God was with them. Pretty cool stuff. 
Also, Alma leaving king Noah, taking the people becoming high priest and then if you look at Alma's lineage. Alma the Younger, Helaman, Helaman, Nephi Nephi. ( I think thats how it goes)
They were all High Preists, or Prophets. THe last one of the lineage actually welcomed Jesus Christ to the America's. So that was cool. 
Yeah Just wanted to let you guys know what I learned this week and working on spiritually.
Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope your reading your scriptures!📚
Love Elder Flanagan


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