Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sup dudes. This week was slow, as usual. 

Monday: we had a nice FHE at a family in our ward. They had their children and Grandchildren along with their neighbors and we tried having a lesson to the kids about lying. Those kids did not want to sit still very much, but atleast the adults were taught to not lie and to be honest haha. 

Tuesday: We went to the Welfare home and they had a little Christmas Program where they sang some carols and dressed up in costumes. We then setup a nice little braii outside. It was kinda hard to do, becasue we were jsut trying to pass out juiceboxes and food and about half of them cant control their arms so they need us to basically feed them. Elder Clark was also with us for the day so he got to enjoy the fun of the welfare center.

Wednesday: We had a nice lesson with one of the members. He is a very converted guy, he has a funny laugh that complements my companions giggling quite well. :)  He lives alone, he was divorced some time ago, but he travels a lot for work, so he doesn't get too lonely which is good. He is a super nice guy, we shared Helaman 5:12 with him. He shared with us his conversion story about how he heard about the Book of Mormon and was traveling from chapel to chapel to find one and eventually he found people and then missionaries taught him and he was Baptized just a few months later. He seems to be pretty rooted in the Gospel. 

Thursday: I was supposed to get interviewed by President Chadambuka, so we sat around for like 4 hours, but he was busy with other elders. Then we went to our Thanksgiving dinner with the American Families. It was super good! Everything was just like Thanksgiving, still was not the same without my actual family, but I guess that was as close as I could get! We ate so much food and dessert. 

Friday: We had Zone meeting, it was the usual. We have mission tour next week with Elder Ellis of the Area Presidency. So that should be cool. 

Sunday: We had a good day at church, they presented the Light the World Theme for this december. 28 billboard ads like on highways are advertising the Theme, just in the Gauteng province. Im sure we will be getting a lot more referrals. We helped the primary fill their water jug for their party after they had their well performed primary program. They gave us cake and a hotdog 😁. Then we went to dessert at the Senior missionaries home, as soon as we sit down I have to go pickup my district from their area because they don't have a car. So we took dessert on the go! Then I had to do call ins and then I could finally go to sleep. 

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