Monday, February 6, 2017


🙄😯Hello People, It is me again. This week was alright lesson wise. We managed to get around 20 lessons. We had 6 investigators at church and we have 7 on date still, so its going good. We are meeting a couple of referrals this week so hopefully they are actually interested. We had a couple of good lessons, most were about the priesthood and im glad the investigators understand why they need the priesthood to bind their ordinances and covenants with Heavenly Father. Its actually rained quite a bit this week which was nice, but one day it screwed us over, nobody would see us, all the members were busy, nobody comes outside when it rains here. So I would say we were left high and dry, but it was more like high and soaked haha, even with the umbrellas. This week we were waiting for our Spathlo, I think thats how its spelled.... I had like a 30 minute conversation with a guy, he kept asking about like who Melchizedek is and why is the sabbath on Sunday and a ton of random questions. Some were odd, and some weren't We will see if he lets us visit him haha. He wants me to read his 'Manuscripts' which apparently have more about who Melchizedek is.... then he said he wants us to play instruments with him haha, so we will see. 
I went on exchanges this week to Hammanskrall. It was pretty cool, they actually live in a house there instead of a flat, so that's kinda cool. We did service in the morning and I wore sandals and got a nice sunburn on my foot. shoveling rock for two hours haha. Then we had some cool lessons. District meeting went well.
My stomach has been killing me, Ive kinda just put up with it this past year, but Im going to the doctors tomorrow for my toe so Im hoping they also see me for my stomach. The Mission doctor wants me to get my stool checked.
So hopefully they find out whats wrong, hopefully I havent had some infection and now my stomach is rotten haha ;) 
So yeah, ill try and send a couple more pictures, but thats been my week so far! 
Love you guys! Stay safe!

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