Monday, February 6, 2017


Wish I could say im feeling better this week but its worse. The anti biotics and anti parasite medicines only seem to be making it worse for some reason. ive been doing my best to stay hydrated, I would drink gatorade but its expensive for a missionary and they only have energade and powerade here, but yeah, im doing my best haha, lots of filtered water and some salt and sugar mixed in.
The toenail removal went well, i sent a pic in another email, but the doc numbed my toe, cut the ingrown part out and then burnt the root with a chemical so it does not grow back, so its permanently fixed, my nails a little less width wise, but atleast I dont have to worry about the toenail anymore.
Im not sure what the mission doctors going to suggest next. I told him this morning it was really bad, maybe he will send me to the hospital, or maybe different medication, he just asked me which city im in, so im not too sure. The meds just haven't helped and its almost to the point where I wont be able to leave the flat for too long haha.  I guess you just gotta laugh sometimes, never thought that I would get sick like this haha.
Thanks for your prayers :) I appreciate them, love you !

Elder Flanagan

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