Monday, February 6, 2017


Week 50 or 60 something? We did have two baptisms this Saturday and Sunday! 
 They will be getting the priesthood soon! probably next week! They are both great guys, it was awesome to be able to help teach them and get them to their first goal, now we gotta get them to the temple! Yeah this week has been slow because I stay in the flat during the morning till like 2 because im sick and then we leave the flat. But we have had some good lessons, we have to find some more people to teach, so we are going to focus on that this week. Elder Winterton and i are staying together for another transfer! it will be good.

I drove around Joberg looking for the doctor and the GPS was wrong so it took almost all day to go to the doctors and back. The doctor prescribed me one last medicine or else its a colonoscopy. So I call the doctor tomorrow for blood test results, and then this weekend I update him on the medicine, so next monday I will most probably now whats going on, they have not diagnosed me with anything, they might not know what it is for sure. But what doesnt kill you makes you stronger ! 
Love you guys! Be safe and eat some pizza for me! 

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